How ClassDojo Hopes to Streamline and Revolutionize the Education Sector

It’s barely five years since ClassDojo launched, but the start-up continues to enjoy massive successes. The initiative is used both locally and globally. The statistics paint a bright future for the app. So far, it’s said that two out of every three schools in the U.S., use the technology. Speaking recently, the CEO called the tech an absolute game changer in the education sector.

The inspiration for the app came from the favorite gold star stickers. The stickers used to be issued and awarded to brilliant and outstanding students. That served to reinforce the positive behavior. Some naysayers, however, had some issues with it. They cited privacy infringement issues. The positive feedback from the parents and the teachers, however, trumped the cynicism.

ClassDojo Features

Teachers love using it because it simplifies the communication. The app is constantly evolving and getting new and advanced features. Asides the primary functions of teachers posting photos to the platform, there’s also the recently introduced category known as Student Stories. This is a feature which allows students themselves to post both videos and photos of their school days.

Free Downloads

At the moment, teachers can go online and download the app for free. They do not even have to ask for permissions from the school administrators to get started. The next big challenge to the founders is on how to monetize their creation. Finding ways to earn and make big bucks from the innovation is the next logical step in the evolution process.

Growth Mindset Theory

The co-founder and the CTO of ClassDojo optimism stem from the fact that schools are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to up their game with software-inspired technology. For one, the software approach stands to save them tons of money. That is as opposed to the regular curriculums which are bulky and have to be replaced from time to time.

The app development team has collaborated with the best Universities in the nation to take their app innovation to the next level. They have partnered up with Harvard and with Stanford. Investors have jumped on board this lucrative venture, and as of today, they have raised close to $30 million dollars in funding.

About ClassDojo

The startup was founded on June 1, 2011. The HQ’s are based in San Francisco. Ideally, the communication platform’s meant to empower the student-parent-teacher relationship. The fast-growing company is a preferred choice for teachers all over the nation. The founder compared it to being the Netflix of the education sector. The founders are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don.

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