Handy: Remote Home Cleaning Via Cell Phone

Handy is one of the fastest growing brands in the mobile service industries today. The company provides a convenient platform where users can order, pay, and manage home cleaning and other domestic jobs such as plumbing via an app in their cell phones. The brand operates in a similar way as Uber in the transport industry. It is a marketplace where home cleaners and customers converge. Through a handy iPhone app known as Handybook, the company handles all issues related to payment and scheduling in the home services industry.

Handy is gradually joining the league of the fastest growing brands today. The company has hit a weekly record of over $1 million barely three years after it was launched. It currently operates in more than 20 cities across the United States, UK, and Canada. Handy’s fast growth can mainly be attributed to the convenience the service brings to the perennial pain of house cleaning chores. Users of the service are guaranteed safe, efficient, and cost efficient home cleaning service provided by a professional crew.

The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, in 2012. The two were roommates at Harvard Business School back then where they lived in a messy student apartment. According to Hanrahan, inspiration for the business idea came from the squalor state of their apartment which was mainly due to their busy study schedules and the hassle involved in finding a reliable home cleaning service. They formed the company to solve the constant problem of finding trustworthy home cleaners, negotiating cost of the job, and processing payment.

A typical home cleaning job involves cleaning floor surfaces, wiping mirrors, and dusting all surfaces in bedrooms, living rooms, and other common areas. It also includes washing and sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, garbage removal and recycling, and any other extra cleaning service the customer may request.

Customer’s have a peace of mind when they leave their home cleaning tasks to Crunchbase app Handy‘s properly vetted, and trustworthy, professionals. The company only works with background-checked individuals with years of experience in the cleaning industry. This ensures that clients get first class sparkling home cleaning service. The company further provides a 100% money-back guarantee to back the high quality of their service. Their pricing is affordable and their efficient friendly customer service team is always on standby 24/7. Handy’s instant home cleaning booking service acts as a convenient remote control for your all cleaning needs.

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