Handy Offers Cleaning Services that addresses Unique needs of every Homeowner

There is a pleasant feeling associated with living in a comfortable and clean home. However, life gets busy, and you have no time to clean your home. When a cleaning company is contracted, time will be created for engaging in other productive activities. The company enables you to boost the cleanliness standards of your home to a top-notch level. Additionally, you will be comfortable to invite friends and relatives to your home. Handy is an example of a home cleaning company that offers excellent services.

Brief history on Handy

Handy was initially known as Handybook when it was established in 2012. The founding members include Oisin Hanrahan, Igacio Leonhardt, Weina Scott, and Umang Dua. Handy provides a platform for you to book professional cleaners in a quick and reliable manner. The company owns an app and an established site through which you can provide a description of services required, your area of residence, and at what time you need the service. The company is located in Chelsea, New York.

Expansion and Diversification in service delivery

Handy offer its services to 28 cities. It’s booking rate in each week exceeds $1 million. The firm has invested $64 million in Handy Delivery, which is a service that specializes in delivery and assembly of household items such as furniture. The Handy’s site will allow you to acquire furniture for both your living room and bedroom. In case, you need an item, but you cannot see it on the Handy’s site, you can send them an email containing the list of the items you need. Eventually, the company will procure the items and deliver them directly to you at an affordable price.

Maintaining quality of services rendered

The company is expanding tremendously, acquiring new customers while retaining the existing ones. To boost the quality of services offered, the firm employees experienced and highly trained professional cleaners. The cleaners are offered healthy hourly wages.

Retention of customers

Customers are provided with an opportunity to book for services at the comfort of their smartphone or laptops. The company’s growth does not affect the quality of services offered. The company has been busy developing apps that will aid in the delivery of excellent services.

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