Handy Makes Home Cleaning and Repairs a No-Brainer

The age-old question about who to trust to clean your house or do other household repairs has been answered. Handy takes the guesswork out of handyman services by offering a database of thousands of professionals in several cities who have been pre-screened. The app and website was the brain child of Oisin Hanrahan, chief executive officer, and Umang Dua, chief operating officer. Part of being an entrepreneur is finding solutions to problems many people have, and Hanrahan had the problem of finding reliable contract help while renovating apartments in Budapest. This problem did not cease once coming to the United States to go to Harvard Business School; thus, Handy was created to solve the problem.

Modern consumers are used to ordering items and services through technology, so inventing an app to help consumers find home cleaning services was a no brainer. Handy allows customers to book appointments, pay and tip through the app. All professionals are pre-screened through stringent background checks and interviews ensuring reliability and safety for consumers. They also offer a money-back guarantee and will send another professional to come out and complete a job if a customer is not satisfied.
Handy has grown tremendously since its inception in 2012 and reported a milestone of $1 million in bookings per day in 2014. In November 2015, the company raised $50 million more in venture funding from sources such as Fidelity and Highland Capital. The funding will go to expanding its services in the next year to double the 35 cities it already services.
Handy is a useful app for its customers, but even more useful to it professionals. There is only a 3 percent hiring rate in professionals considering the background checks and interviews they must pass, but those that are hired on as contractors can make a good living. Professionals can make $15 or more per hour. On top of the lucrative pay, professionals no longer have to worry about tracking down payment from customers since it is all taken care of through the app. Handy is growing exponentially and seems to be a win-win for customers and professionals alike.

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