Handy, Home Cleaning Services Growing in Popularity

Handy, a start-up home cleaning service, is growing in business and has raised $50 million in just November of 2015. The business started out as Handybook and was the brain child of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Hanrahan thought up the idea for Handy while renovating apartment complexes in Budapest. He continually had problems finding reliable people for jobs. Handy was born out of that need to know who was reliable and who wasn’t.

With the Handy app there is no question about who is reliable for a job. The company prescreens professionals ensuring clients get a reliable person for the job they need whether it is cleaning, furniture assembly or plumbing.
Hanrahan and Dua have experience in the business world. Hanrahan started buying and renovating apartment buildings when he was still at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He also helped found MiCandidate, a company that provides political content to the media, and The Undergraduate Awards, which recognizes outstanding students worldwide. Dua founded College Connect out of India that matches students with colleges around the world. He also worked as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company. Handy started in 2012 raising money from venture capitalists such as Fidelity and Highland Capital. Handy seems to be doing well although their competition, Homejoy, has gone out of business and filed chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Handy allows customers to book services as well as pay and leave a tip through the app. They offer a money back guarantee and will have another professional come out if the customer is not satisfied with the work of the first. Handy has been successful at developing a customer base. Hanrahan stated in a recent interview that 80 percent of bookings are from repeat customers. The company operates in major United States cities from coast to coast as well as Toronto and Vancouver, Canada and London, England.

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