Handy Co-founder Discusses Their Expansion

The Next Web released a compelling piece recently where they interview the founder of one of the biggest new innovations in on demand application services. Handy has only been around for about three years now, but they have grown quite significantly over the past three years to a company that is worth approximately $500 million (estimated in November 2015). The Next Web visited Oisin Hanrahan at the Web Summit in Ireland to discuss how the company has been growing and where it is headed in the near future. Handy is currently dominating the market, so it has attracted much attention from users as well as investors.

Handy has successfully turned the luxury services of having a cleaning person or a repair person into a common entity for everyone’s lives. It is such a convenient service because it is easy to book someone for a variety of needs from cleaning services to fixing plumbing issues. Everyone has something to get done in their home that they have been putting off, and finding a reliable person to take care of those issues can be difficult. Handy is here, luckily, to make finding professional help one less thing to worry about. Handy screens all of their applicants. Users get to see the information about the person or persons that they will contracting services from.

Oisin Hanrahan also discussed why moving to New York City was such a good idea for their company. The size of the New York market place was an important factor in their success. Handy is available all over the world, and they match thousands of happy customers with qualified and professional contractors every week. To take a look at the interview with Oisin Hanrahan from Handy and The Next Web.

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