Greg Secker: An All-Round Business Guru

Greg Secker is one of the few individuals who have excelled in many aspects of life. He is a successful businessman who has established high-rated trading companies including SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and Learn to Trade. Greg is also a renowned global speaker on Foreign Exchange and Stock Market trading and largely involved in several charity initiatives. Moreover, he has authored numerous books ranging from “Trading Your Way to Success, contributing to The Book of Success”, “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex”.


Greg Secker is well known for becoming a millionaire at the age of 20 years. Born in 1975, Secker schooled at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. He commenced his career as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he fruitfully assisted the firm to develop some of the best foreign exchange trading systems. Afterwards, he advanced to run Virtual Trading Desk, an innovative online forex trading platform created by himself. He was honored with British Telecom Award for creating a platform that allows clients to access instant quotes on large foreign exchange transactions. Secker further climbed the corporate ladder fast to earn a position at Mellon Financial Corporation as Vice President. While at the helm of Mellon, he got an opportunity to sharpen his forex trading skills.


Secker’s appetite to achieve bigger things in life drove him out of active employment into private business. He began to operate his forex trading business from his living room where he imparted people with knowledge on trading strategies. Later, Secker established the Knowledge to Action Group, a company that grew at a faster pace, and by 2008, the firm had expanded to several countries hosting financial trading seminars. Since plunging into his own business, Secker has managed to speak in seminars and workshops across the globe. He has also won several coveted awards.


Greg Secker has also participated in many charity activities including the Child Bereavement Trust, Royal Princes chosen causes and many more. Through Greg Secker foundation, Greg gives donations geared towards bettering lives of various communities across the globe.

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