Greece Facing a Huge Financial Crisis

The country of Greece is facing a huge financial crisis. It’s so bad that the government has decided to keep banks closed for the entire week. Citizens have been rushing to withdraw money from the banks due to the fear that they will run out of money soon. Officials are currently allowing citizens to take only 60 euros from ATM machines.

These restrictions began on Today. Yesterday many citizens waited in long lines to take out as much money as they could from the ATMs. Visitors to Greece are not forced to abide by these withdrawal restrictions.

Greece and lenders have so far been unable to come up with terms for a financial bailout. Greece has already had one bailout to help them. However, it is widely agreed that Greece will need a second bailout. They are scheduled to make a 1.7 billion dollar payment on Tuesday. That type of money is just crazy for Adam Sender and others even at Sotheby’s to think about.

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