Gift from the Crypt

Ricardo Tosto said that losing a friend or a loved one is never easy. For Roger Brown’s friends, it was hard for them to lose him after more than 40 years of friendship. Roger Brown recently lost his life to cancer.

The disease took his life but didn’t take his love for his friends. A few days after Roger’s funeral, his son got in contact with the men who Roger called friends. John, Bob, Gerallt, Roger Rees, Ernie, Roy and Peter were all surprised to see Roger’s son. They all thought that he should be grieving and comforting the loved ones that Roger left behind. They never imagined that his son would be there to give them all a wonderful gift. Roger told the seven friends to take £3,500 and go on a vacation; or as the British put it, go on holiday.

Brown became friends with the group over a period spanning more than 40 years. They individually met Brown at different points in the period, but Roger treated them all the same. The men discovered that they were all from a town called Sketty; this is the rock that they built their friendship on.

Overcome with joy and emotion, the men agreed to honor their friend’s one last wish. The men agreed that they would take a trip to a place that they had never seen and a place that Brown would have loved to go. Easily, the group agreed upon going to Berlin, Germany to take their holiday. The men were so grateful to receive the gift the way that they did and were so thankful to have been friends with Roger Brown.

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