Get Your Necessary Spring Cleaning Done The Handy Way

Spring cleaning is obviously everybody’s favorite thing to do. Okay, maybe not. But, it must be done every year none the less. The yearly ritual can be a challenging task for many nowadays. Most of us have had to adopt a more rushed lifestyle to keep up with daily demands. This is where things like sorely needed spring cleaning can fall by the wayside. Thankfully technology has caught up with the need in this area of life. All you need is your computer or smartphone and you can schedule Handy to come and handle that dirty business at your convenience.

If you are not familiar with the company, Handy is an on demand cleaning and handy service for odd jobs and even that spring cleaning of yours. You simply get on their website, find the service listing you’re looking for and schedule an appointment. It’s that simple. The greatest thing about the service has to be the convenience of it all. The internet has enabled us to purchase just about any goods or services that we can think of. Now you can get that spring cleaning done at the push a few few buttons and mouse clicks.

A recent $50 million financial backing has helped the company to expand even further. Now Handy has a service that will shop, deliver and assemble furniture for you. Talk about the easy way to do things! You never even have to leave the house. It is a welcome addition to the many services that the company already provides. This on demand business has expanded into 28 cities and is showing no signs of slowing down. The fact that you can now email a list of items, have them shop and price the shipping, deliver it and assemble it for you is fantastic. What a world we live in today.

Go ahead and check them out if you don’t use them already. You’ll be hard pressed to wipe the smile from your face when you realize you don’t have to do a thing. Spring cleaning time is now your free time.

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