Get Rid Of Back Pain For Good, By Visiting North American Spine

North American Spine is a company that has several facilities, in order to help patients that are suffering from back and neck pain. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, but there are many facilities that they have in different areas. Those who are in chronic pain, are encouraged to visit North American Spine, in order to help heal their pain for good. There is a high success rate with the procedures that North American Spine performs, and over 80% of patients have seen reduced pain. After the minimally invasive surgery is performed on the neck or back, patients can end up saving over $20,000 a year.

The patients that have had a successful surgery at North American Spine, will begin to save money on doctor visits, and they’ll also save money on the prescriptions that they were using before the surgery. The AccuraScope procedure, which is minimally invasive, is performed regularly at North American Spine, and it can help one to be completely free of back and neck pain. The procedure only takes about 45 minutes, and it’s an outpatient procedure. Patients that have the surgery performed, can go home the same day, and finish their recovery process at home.

There is only a small incision that is put into the neck or back, allowing the person to recover faster from the surgery. In the past, massive incisions had to be made in the back, in order to perform surgery. The incision that is put in the neck or back, is extremely small, just enough to insert the AccuraScope. With a smaller incision, this means that the healing time is much faster. Many are able to get up and walk around, after they’ve had the AccuraScope procedure performed. If the procedure seems like it’s something that would be helpful, then contact North American Spine.

North American Spine has seen over 8000 patients in the six years that the company has been open. Many patients praise North American Spine as a great place to go to, in order to help rid their body of chronic pain. Chronic pain can be something that is debilitating, and it lasts for six months or more. Those who are suffering from chronic pain, have problems working, as well as functioning properly, on a daily basis. If neck, spine or back pain is problematic to any person, they should visit North American Spine for treatment.

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