German Investigators Find That Germanwings Co Pilot Was Suicidal Prior To Flight Qualifications

German authorities investigating the life of Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz have uncovered evidence that Lubitz had a severe mental illness which required extensive psychotherapeutic care and treatment to address prevalent suicidal tendencies in him. What has shocked authorities is that Lubitz had been receiving these treatments for several years prior to qualifying for his certifications as a pilot. Investigators Find that Germanwings Co Pilot Was Suicidal Several Years Before Qualifying to Fly

Marcio Alaor BMG says that the severity of Lubitz’s illness has been revealed to be more significant than anyone has thought and the fact that no one detected it through his mood or behavior has shocked the airline industry. The fact that none of Lubitz treating doctors were able to make the connection that their patient was either trying to be a pilot or was a pilot while under going treatment has perplexed even the most harden airline crash investigator.

While many European airline companies require pilots to self report any prevalent medical conditions the question is now raised as to whether that requirement has been made woefully inadequate if the pilot is not mentally stable enough to follow the requirement. Since Lubitz showed no signs of being under emotional distress and performed his flight duties proficiently, there were no warning signs for any one to see and take notice. New measures may need to be intrusive and take the self reporting element out of the pilots hands.

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