George Soros: Towards An Open Society.

A lot can be done to make the world a better place to live. We live at a time when diversity creates differences within us. We refuse to engage in the constructive discussion that can help us understand our world. Human conflict and suffering lie at an all-time high.
Amongst all the chaos, there’s still hope for the human race. George Soros, a Hungarian-born investor, and philanthropist brings hope. He has made it his life mission to open up societies to function and encourage its members to be critical thinkers.
Soros set up Open Society Foundations to promote his free thinking ideologies. The organizations spread over a hundred states across all continents. Operating as regional units, they spread common agendas of peace, transparency, accountability and truth. Education facilitates the change of ideologies. George Soros through his foundation grants thousands of scholarships to needy students around the world.
George’s Soros early works of philanthropy began in the early 1980’s. Being a successful entrepreneur, he took his life lessons into the social welfare sectors. He supported the South African’s apartheid war while also working to eliminate Communism during the Cold War.
Through Open Society Foundations, legal counsel has been afforded to thousands of political detainees across the world. In his quest to promote democracy and human rights, Mr. Soros speaks highly of the values that make us human. He believes that a new generation must be brought up and educated on the lines of respecting the dignity of human life.
George Soros speaks without fear or favor. He has consistently voiced anger at the tendency of mining firms, governments, and gangs to wage war in resource-rich areas around the world for their gain. In his world, he sees transparency and accountability among authorities to their subjects.
An open society means tolerance, exchange of culture and meaningful ideas. He also works with like-minded and independent non-governmental organizations to spread good deeds around the world.
The international conflicts and refugee crisis of the past few years have weighed heavily on George Soros. He has voiced his concern and anger on various publications concerning such issues. He expresses concern over the failure of inter-governmental organizations such as the European Union to operate in the spirit of their formation.
He lobbies for the formulation of comprehensive long-term intervention strategies to solve the situation in Syria, Ukraine, and Russia. He also points fingers at other oppressive practices around the world including the increasing criminalization and oppression of refugees and asylum seekers.
According to George Soros, human beings must learn to be self-critical and think on their own. He cites examples of how some destructive forms of conventional wisdom have made the world suffer. He believes that a lot can be done to mitigate undesired human traits through free thinking and education.
George Soros has earned admirers across the world. His ideas resonate well with free thinkers, individuals and organizations with love for humanity. Some of his great followers include Bono and Kofi Annan. He brings life to the saying that one soul can change the world.

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