George Soros Climbs to the Helm in Finance and Philanthropy

Many know George Soros, the billionaire manager of Hedge Fund, due to his political influence in the United States as well as funding foundations that many liberals believe in. The man has been very instrumental in spreading capitalism within the countries that were under the effect of the Soviets. In fact, his foundation’s records show that he has spent about $1.6 billion in the interest of democratic advance especially in Eastern Europe. A further $1.5 billion was spent in the United States on democratic reforms such as criminal justice, immigration and democratic governance.

The riches of George Soros have given him so much financial power that in the early 1990s, he placed a bet against the British Pound, a move that earned him more than a billion dollars. This information is according to

In his philanthropically activities, George Soros has given away over $12 million throughout his lifetime. He prefers to support societies and individuals that advocate for equality, justice, an accountable government, the freedom of expression and transparency. In Europe, he has supported groups representing the Roma people and those pushed to immoral activities such as drug abuse and sex as well as the LGBTI people. In some of these, Soros has firsthand experience as he lived in Hungary, where he was born, through the Nazi era of 1944-1995. During this time, 500,000 Hungarian Jews were killed but his family had managed to survive by getting false papers that masked their backgrounds. In 1947, while the Communists were merging power after the wars in Hungary, Soros fled Budapest for London. He pursued Economics from the London School and this forced him to toil as a nightclub waiter and as a railway porter to support his education. He would later immigrate to the United States, which was the threshold of his success. Learn more on about George Soros.

Upon moving to the United States in 1956, George Soros entered the world of finance and investments. He quickly moved up the ladder and in 1970, he founded the Soros Fund manager- his own hedge fund. It was from there that he became a renowned investor with so many accomplishments. With the wealth he created, he created the Open Society Foundations. The foundation works with the philosophy of Karl popper in which George Soros firmly believes in. the philosophy purports that societies can only do well under a democratic leadership, respect for human rights, freedom of expression and that no ideology is the final intermediary of the truth. His major philanthropic accomplishments are giving scholarships to black South Africans affected by the apartheid, helping promote exchange of ideas in the Communist bloc, funding cultural interchange between the West and Eastern Europe and creating the Central Europe University. Learn more on Biography about George

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