FreedomPop wants to take the high cost of internet off your plate

You might think that it would be tough to get into the wireless Internet and mobile phone service and for the most part you’d be right. However, FreedomPop is set to change that perception and show the world that they have what it takes to break into this industry and make a name for themselves. As a wireless Internet and mobile phone provider out of Los Angeles, California FreedomPop is currently providing wireless text and voice services for big names like Sprint and Clearwire. On top of this FreedomPop also sells devices such as mobile phones, state-of-the-art tablets, and broadband devices that can be used with their service.

Founded by CEO Stephen Stokols and Sesar in 2011, FreedomPop is quickly gaining popularity in their home area as well as across the US and Europe. They are also backed by some big names such as Mangrove Capital, Atomico, and Doll Capital Management. Where there were rumors in 2014 that Sprint Corporation was considering the acquisition of FreedomPop (as reported by GigaOm) nothing emerged to verify this claim until recently when it was announced by USA today that Sprint is indeed in talks to buy the company. As of this writing FreedomPop continues to serve the US and Europe for their wireless Internet and mobile phone needs as an independent entity.

Notable achievements of FreedomPop include the fact that in its first month of selling smart phones it converted 5% of its free users to paid users. This number doubled the following month to 10% and doubled again the next month to %20. This kind of growth is exceptional for a start up company. The year after it partnered with Sprint and was able to take advantage of their 3G and 4G networks with Sprint compatible devices. Recently FreedomPop has released its own self-branded low-cost line of tablets and smartphones.

Going forward the future looks bright for FreedomPop. The company is valued at between $250 and $450 million. If the buyout with Sprint goes through it is unknown whether FreedomPop will continue to operate under its own brand or if its assets will be simply absorbed into the Sprint brand. Until that time FreedomPop continues to provide its customers with free 4G data, text, and voice plans for tablet users of the iPad Mini and Samsung Tablet 3. The offer also extends to those who bring their own Sprint compatible device. They also have announced that they have plans to offer SIM card based plans as well.

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