FreedomPop to Make Auspicious Alpha Test Debut in the U.K.

To get a budget under control, people may think about scrapping their mobile phone service. There’s an easier way to go about things when concerns arise about trying to cut costs associated with usage. Look towards signing up with a service providing a generous amount of free use. The appropriately named FreedomPop definitely provides a means of acquiring helpful free data, minutes, and texting.

Digital Trends reveals FreedomPop has decided to launch its long-awaited alpha plan, a plan that focuses on bringing its “freemium” service to the United Kingdom. With the free service delivered by FreedomPop, 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of data are available to those who become alpha testers.

Costs are incurred when the original generous amount of text/minutes/data usage is exceeded. The fees are reasonable and the LA-based company is growing in popularity. Currently, tens of millions of dollars are being spent on its growth and FreedomPop is definitely growing as evidenced by its impending arrival in the U.K. and other areas of Europe. The venture’s business dealings are expanding into more and more countries every year. Germany, France, and Spain are among those countries.

Right now, FreedomPop is making a name for itself in the United States. The company does note that there are a few bugs it has to work out with the service. Really, that should not be deemed anything out of the ordinary. New technology usually does need to be smoothed out. This is why testing is so important. The alpha test in the United Kingdom is likely to provide valuable feedback on what tweaks – if any – must be made.

The Alpha testing plan was delayed a bit, but everything is a go right now. Those signing up for the alpha testing only have to pay a nominal fee of £2/$3 for shipping. During the alpha period, testers may also expand their usage of the phone through other premium plans.

Info on the Jetsetter SIM card has been slow to emerge though. The Jetsetter SIM card is designed to help those who love to travel and remain in the information loop. The SIM card works in a number of different countries and word has it that the number of countries is going to be expanded by 15 more in the near future. Being able to use this SIM card with a FreedomPop phone and service is going to be a huge plus.

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