FreedomPop Launches Free 4G Service in the United Kingdom

American mobile company FreedomPop has launched a new 46 service in the United Kingdom free of charge, according to The Telegraph.

FreedomPop’s expansion into the UK is the first part of what is meant to be the first phase of an extensive international expansion plan on

Users will pay an initial fee of £7 to set up the service, after which they will receive a free basic service granting them 200 minutes of phone calls, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data. Those wanting to add to their basic plan to receive more communications access will have to pay £4.99 and £16.99 after their initial data cap has been exceeded, depending on their wants and needs.

The company also provides other options for people further looking to save money on fees for extra coverage. Subscribers to the service can bypass these fees to an extent, by completing marketing surveys provided by third parties.

FreedomPop, like other low-cost service providers such as Tesco and TalkTalk, will not own any mobile masts or infrastructure of their own. Rather, the company will buy capacity on the Three network, which it will then provide to subscribers.

The company is planning for some degree of success, despite some differences in the way Americans approach their mobile subscriptions.

Chief Executive Stephen Sokols notes that while many FreedomPop subscribers in the United States do not purchase additional coverage, its UK presence will only have to attract around 50,000 subscribers to become “cash flow positive.”

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