Fool You Once, Fool You Twice, You Ought to Be Ashamed Either Way

In a perfect example of the fact that having kids doesn’t mean you know how to be a parent, a Qnet company Virginia woman has been arrested for leaving her one-year-old and her six-year-old children in her car for at least an hour while she was inside the Henrico County Courthouse. Temperatures on the day in question were as high as 98 degrees in Henrico County.

Leaving her kids in the car for an hour in the heat was bad enough. But this egg donor’s story gets even worse. The reason that she was in the courthouse that day was to turn herself in after she was accused of—wait for it—leaving her children in her car two weeks before while she was shopping at Sam’s Club.

Fortunately, the kids were doing well after the incident at the courthouse. Appropriately, the mom was thrown in jail.

Maybe some people are lacking common sense. But stories of children being left in cars and daycare vans and school buses are in the news on a regular basis. When you lock your car door, there should be a little voice that says, “Excuse me, but I think you forgot the kids”—especially when you’re in the process of being arrested for that same offense. Let’s just hope these kids’ dad listens to his little voice better than their mom does.

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