Florida Jury Says Not Guilty in Felony Case of Man Growing Marijuana

In an unprecedented verdict in the state of Florida, a marijuana grower was acquitted by a jury on the grounds that it was medically necessary. The jury, consisting of four women and 2 men, took under an hour to decide on the not guilty verdict.

It all began in response to a tip that pot was being grown at a Hollywood, FL home, and detectives raided the home of 50-year old Jesse Teplicki. When they arrived at this home, Teplicki did not try to lie or hide the fact that he was growing the illegal plant. Even as he faced the jury, he admitted to having smoked a joint before coming to court in order to curb his nausea and boost his appetite, symptoms he has suffered for decades due to his anorexia.

Teplicki faced up to five years in prison for the felony offence he was charged of two years ago, and with tears in his eyes, he told three of jurors, “You saved my life.” Teplicki was offered several plea deals which he turned down before facing trail. He continued to maintain that he used the plant solely for medicine that he required in order to perform daily tasks that were hindered by the severe conditions he suffered due to the anorexia he has experienced since he was nine years old.

Teplicki’s defense lawyer, Michael C. Minardi, said “Hopefully prosecutors heed the decision and are less likely to prosecute this kind of case in the future.” Now that a jury has spoken in this criminal case, the next problem Teplicki faces is being able to continue to grow pot without the fear of future prosecution stated Reuters.com. A civil action may be on the horizon to protect his rights that a jury has decided on.

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