Flood Health Expert Sergio Cortes Weights In On Xerém

Floods can pose a major health risk to the people of any community and Sergio Cortes is no stranger to the issues that can arise as a result of the flood. Sergio Cortes works to help people better deal with the aftermath of the flooding to ensure that they remain as healthy as possible in the days following a flood or other major disaster. It is important to Sergio Cortes that he helps people understand the dangers of contaminated flood water and the disease that can come from having too much to do with the water in the area.

Education is extremely important for people who have just been through a flood. The education of what can happen after is nearly as important as safety education on what to do and not to do during a flood. Sergio Cortes aims to make education of flood aftermath his number one priority. By doing this, he gives the people of the community the option to know what they should be doing and what they should not be doing. This also gives him the opportunity to ensure that they are able to stay safe during their time after the flood.

Among other issues that can crop up, water is one of the biggest problems after a flood. While many people may say to themselves, there should be an abundance of water, there is not. This is because the majority of the water that is flooding the area is contaminated by septic systems, people who have diseases and problems that come from water being in places that it should not be in. There are many people who think it is acceptable to drink flood water, it is not. Sergio Cortes advises anyone who has been in a flood to only drink bottled water to avoid contamination.

The disease that can come into the water can easily infect the people of the community. People do not even have to drink the water or bathe in it to pick up on the disease that can come out of it. This is a problem that Sergio Cortes sees no easy solution for, so he instead focuses on how to treat the problem once it has happened. He knows that it is nearly unavoidable and works to provide the people in the communities with medication that will be able to help them after they have contracted the disease.

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