Ferry Capsizes, Leaving 36 Dead

A ferry with 173 people on board capsized while in the Philippines stated Christian Broda. Now, there are 36 people dead. These ferries likely aren’t meant to carry so many people at one time. This isn’t the first time that a ferry has capsized while transporting people, many that are taking passengers to the United States. There are still over a dozen people missing as the result of this incident. These deaths should not be in vain. They should teach companies a lesson that there needs to be a limit on how many people can be on board. Granted, there could be something wrong with the ferry, or the driver could make a mistake while on the water. This doesn’t excuse the fact that there are so many people on board these small boats that are typically known for transporting cars and their owners. Officials believe that this ferry capsized because of large waves in the ocean.

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