Felipe Montoro Jens: Infrastructure Expert and Public Health Advocate

Brazil is recently known for two things, the 2016 Summer Olympics and the crisis of the contamination of its water supply due to an inefficient sanitation system for its 200 million citizens. Only 46.8% of Brazil’s population receive sewage services, and of that amount, only 62.9% of the sewage is being treated.


Brazil is aggressively trying to get ahead of the sanitation crisis. The Brazillian government intends to partner with the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BINDES). They have made concessions to improve basic sanitation services. Trata Brasil provides the sanitation services to BINDES. Its president, Edison Carlos, recognizes that improvements are needed, which are managerial and structural in nature.


Carlos reasoned that the private sector could work with the public sector to forge ahead in making these improvements. He stated that there should be no conflict with the Brazilian public sector’s state agencies, which serve 70%of those who need solutions to the sanitation problem. The Brazilian citizens, whose living conditions will benefit, should also be involved and support the private initiatives in improving their welfare.


Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in financial analysis and the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. a company which issues securities. Jens is an expert in infrastructural projects. He wants to help reshape Brazil’s sanitation system and has committed himself to fend off a permanent public health crisis.


Jens fully recognizes the health hazard caused by a nonfunctional sanitation system. Brazil’s sanitation system is a breeding ground for the Zika virus, which is a result of Brazil’s disastrous public health infrastructure problems. He supports the concessions between the government and BINDES and will be instrumental in finding the funds to improve basic sanitation services. Jens is behind Trata Brasil in providing the expertise to improve the infrastructure of Brazil’s sanitation system. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923


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