Fed-Ex Delivers Family to Chicago for Hearing Aids and Liver Transplant

A family desperately needed a miracle and Fed-Ex delivered one to them.

Memphis, Tennessee family Nick and Jesse Faris adopted a daughter from China last year knowing that the little girl would need a liver transplant in the very near future. They also needed affordable hearing aids for seniors, which may seem confusing first given her age, but these were most likely to help her overcome her hearing issues. Two-year-old Brooklyn was on the waiting list at the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago to receive a donor liver. The call came in a snowy day that it was time, however all commercial flights were grounded leaving the Faris family wondering how they were going to get to Chicago.

They called charter flights, considered taking a train, or even driving until word got out about how hazardous road conditions really were. Their best option was to take a chartered flight that would cost them $10,000 and barely get them there in time. A family friend suggested calling Fed-Ex, who is headquartered in Memphis. They have been known in the past to help out with flights for other sick children, so the Faris family decided it was worth a shot. Fed-Ex told them to be at the airport in a half hour, and a little more than an hour later the family was in Chicago.

According to the article on The Chicago Tribune, Brooklyn’s surgery was a success. She is in stable condition and doing great.

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