Eucatex Setting The Bar For Environmental Business Practices

Eucatex is a Brazilian company established in 1951. Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, its current president, the company has further refined their environmental stewardship in the realm of manufacturing. The company continues its long standing practice of using innovative methods coupled with unique materials to produce environmentally friendly products for the home and business which is exported to numerous countries throughout the world. Eucatex even owns its own recycling plant established to mitigate further damage to the environment.


Flavio Maluf is responsible for his business’s current growth by promoting its brand of environmental consciousness in industry. He has advanced his company’s image through the use of social media and internet marketing. Eucatex has a history of promoting sustainability from as far back as its inception, serving as a model even when the trend to environmentalism ceased to exist. From its beginnings, the company has always sought to curb pollution by creating eco-friendly products growing its bottom line in the process.


Flavio Maluf serves as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs globally. His Slideshare presentations have established a voice for himself as a leader in sustainable business practices without the need to sacrifice growth or profit as the result. Graduating from the highly prestigious FAAP in Sao Paulo, Maluf served as president of Grand Food prior to his current position with Eucatex. His popular blog is a well read resource for anyone seeking advice on success. He covers topics as broad as how best to climb the corporate ladder to how to prepare for an initial interview.


Joining Eucatex close to forty years ago, Flavio Maluf was chosen as president in 1997. Immediately, Maluf started modernizing Eucatex through growth and expansion along with mass exportation of his products to close to 37 countries throughout the world. He grew Eucatex’s market by 30% during his tenure as president all the while growing its profit base.


Flavio Maluf has led Eucatex to the forefront of environmental manufacturing by producing environmentally friendly products. Eucatex has received several certifications such as the FSC® Certification and ISO 14001. These establish proof of the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and products. With Flavio Maluf at its helm, Eucatex is primed to continued sucess.

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