Eucatex Discusses The Importance of Sustainable Development

Eucatex is a company known for its products in the construction segment. From laminate flooring to paints, everything falls under the purview of Eucatex. The Brazilian company even produces doors, modular partitions, coatings, fiber plates, and so on. Through its success from 1951 to now, one thing have always stood out about Eucatex Рthe company’s focus on sustainable development. Eucatex has ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications and was awarded to Green Seal award as well.

Here is the importance of sustainable development, as evidenced by Eucatex –

Environmental Sensitivity Helps Companies In The Long Run – It is an old quote that says that the current generation of humans has not inherited the Earth from the past generations; it has borrowed the planet from its future ones. In the long run, companies that are sensitive to the environment achieve success in the industry and this has been proven by Eucatex.

Sustainable Development Leads To Better ISO Ratings – The ISO ratings of the industry are stringent and are not awarded to companies easily. On the other hand, when company manages to achieve these standards, it has a responsibility of maintaining them. Deductions and benefits follow for these companies and help them in their business, and Eucatex has maintained its ratings all through the years.

Companies That Recycle Lower Their Costs – Ultimately, the recycling initiatives of the company, like the South American recycling line by Eucatex which was the first of its kind, help to lower the costs. This skyrockets company profits and offers certain other benefits as well. There is an initial investment but like all cost saving ventures of companies in business, this investment pays back a lot in the long term.

Reputation Of The Company Improves In The World – Companies that want to make a mark in the world and their industry have to prove that they are sensitive towards the environment because global warming is not a debate anymore, Facebook says it is becoming a harsh reality.

Even the chair of the parent family of Eucatel – Flavio Maluf – has always stressed on the importance of sustainable development. Flavio Maluf is the son of Paulo Maluf. He is an engineer from FAAP and is also an entrepreneur. He, along with Eucatex, has changed the meaning of sustainable development for the industry and has proven that companies can be environmentally conscious and successful at the same time.

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