Ethiopia’s Fashion Set To Take The International Market by Storm

Ethiopia is set to take the global fashion industry by storm. The country already boosts of a supermodel, a designer who is internationally renowned, a fashion school and an already existing textile industry, which has been around for centuries.

According to Mahlet Tejklemariam, who is the organizer of the Addis Ababa fashion week, Ethiopian fashion, which has been for a long time concentrating on its local market, is ready to make a mark in the international fashion scene. She indicates that there is already a trend that points to this focus towards the international market.

Fashion companies are already setting camp in Ethiopia. Turkish companies and H&M are examples of big companies who are investing in the Ethiopian fashion industry. The companies are mostly drawn by the exceptionally woven cotton textiles and the wide range of designs. The number of local designers with great talent is also increasing by the day.

Fikirte Addis is one such designer .Addis studied child psychology in college before she decided to venture into fashion. She cites her mother’s inspiration as one of the reasons she chose to change careers.

The self-taught designer, notes that Ethiopian designs are keen in telling the Ethiopian stories. She gives the eye of the ox, which is a constant feature in Ethiopian fabrics, as an example. The eye, she states, has a lot of history hidden behind its awesome beauty, so that is something for Paul Mathieson to keep in mind. Addis believes that Ethiopia has all it takes to penetrate the international market.

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