Eric Pulier-Seasoned Investor

Silicon Valley is known for its entrepreneurial spirit as well as the people who constantly strive to innovate upon what has been built previously. One man has succeeded in achieving this feat while standing apart from the crowd as the number one investor Sandhill Road, and his name is Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

Eric started his career at Harvard University where he studied literature in hopes of becoming a writer. He wrote a critically acclaimed weekly column for the Harvard Crimson. It was there that he formed his idealistic ideas and spiritual attitudes towards investing. Having deep, philosophical conversations with dozens of brilliant students based around his column… Who of which are amongst the smartest people in the world, caused his mind to sharpen in preparation for his ventures ahead in the tech world.

As someone who develops successful businesses like a printing machine, he definitely made his presence known amongst the world’s greatest investors and venture capitalists by ensuring that every one of the 16 businesses became wildly successful before he sold them off to anxious investors for a hefty profit.

When Pulier builds a groundbreaking, industry disrupting business, he always knows exactly what consumers need most, therefore he has been able to inspire venture capitalists to invest over half $1 billion into his projects. He made a lot of money as a startup founder, yet he has arguably made more of it as a world-class startup investor and seasoned mentor. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

After he wrote his brilliant book, he decided that he wanted to invest and mentor other startup founders just like him, therefore he invested all of his money as an angel investor. The art and science of angel investing came extremely easy for Pulier, as he scouted only the smartest, brightest and most innovative minds that Silicon Valley had to offer. In addition to the security that his mentorship provided his assortment startup founders, he was able to build and sell each of the companies that he invested in as he earned himself over $150 million while Angel investing only 10 million of his dollars.

Eric Pulier has definitely made it enormous strides in the world of philanthropy by not only donating millions of dollars to various charities and organizations, but by helping handicapped and impoverished children exist in a more enjoyable states by increasing their quality of living. He developed a virtual reality game where kids with diabetes could walk through their bodies and see how sugar affects blood cells and different organs, what happens when they eat healthy amongst other things. His contribution to diabetes research inspired these kids to eat healthy as opposed to demanding it.

With all of his investments and variety of passions, it’s no wonder why Eric Pulier is one of Silicon Valley’s most notable and respected figures and will continue to be so for as long as a history book exists.

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