Equities First Global Lender in Today’s World

Equities First is a global lender and also a leader in financing solutions. Equities First is able to see more traction that is occurring in different types of loans in a time where different lenders have actually tightened their criteria for lending funds. Equities lending is becoming more and more popular for those who may not meet the strict criteria of banks and other lenders.Read EFH News .

For those who are looking for a different way to borrow money, stock-based loans are gaining in popularity. These loans typically carry a higher loan-to-value ratio that is higher than other loans such as margin loans. These types of loans also provide an interest rate that is fixed which can give one certainty during the lifetime of this transaction. Most stock-based loans also have the added benefit of allowing the borrower to be able to walk away from the loan at any point even when the value has depreciated. Click Here For MorningStar News.

Borrowers who use stock-based loans can expect interest rates that are fixed between three and four percent. The loan-to-value ratio will typically be between 50% and 75%. The loan itself has no restrictions making the money available for any type of purpose! Like the stock-based loan, Equities First has given their clients alternative solutions to financing to help them meet not only their business goals but also their personal goals.

Equities First, which was founded in 2002, is able to provide a security based lending service for individuals as well as businesses. The loans are provided based on an evaluation of the future performance as well as the different risks that are associated with different bonds, stocks, and treasuries. Those who may have a more difficult time getting a loan from a bank because of poor credit or other issues would greatly benefit from the help of Equities First Holdings.

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