EOS Lip Balm Flavors- Variety to Select From

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) refers to an international corporation that manufactures skin care products such as EOS lip balm, hand lotions, and shaving creams. EOS mainly focuses on producing organic products from fruit and botanical extracts. The company was established by Craig Dubitsky 2009.

The EOS Lip Balm restores chapped lips and has vitamin E that helps the skin to retain moisture. Since its foundation, the EOS lip balm has gained much popularity especially after celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Demi Novato, Bar Rafaela, and Hillary Duff were seen in public using the product. For this reason, the EOS Lip Balm has been ranked second and has surpassed brands that have been in the market for quite a while like Chapstick, Blistex and Burt’s Bees. Read related article here on blogwebpedia.com.

The EOS Lip balms are unique in a round and colorful pod that goes for $3.20. The lip balm is available in eight different flavors. First, there is the Strawberry sorbet flavor that is pink in color and is as delicious and refreshing as is the strawberry itself. Secondly, there is the Summer Fruit which encompasses fruits flavors of peach, blueberry, and strawberry. The Medicated Tangerine offers a soothing effect to the one’s lips, and the Sweet Mint offers the refreshing taste of sweet mint. The Honeysuckle Honeydew encompasses the fresh honeydew, and the sixth flavor is the Blueberry Acai which is packed with refreshing acai and blueberry flavors. The EOS Pomegranate Raspberry provides the best balance of flavor and moisture and lastly is the Passion Fruit flavor that offers a tropical delight flavored with a passion fruitlet.

Most of the variants are 95% organic with natural flavors that provide a pleasant taste, protection, and scent, check products here on allure.com. Additionally, they lack paraben, which is a risky preservative that can harm its user. EOS lip balm is, therefore, a reliable beauty product fit for use.

Discover more info here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM.


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