Entrepreneur Josh Verne Discusses Keys to Success in Recent Podcast

Josh Verne is a well known entrepreneur who has recently sat down to talk about his success on a recent podcast. During the podcast, Josh Verne revealed some very interesting things that will likely benefit many people who are looking to achieve more in life. In the podcast, Josh revealed that there are five things that you can do in order to achieve both personal and career success. In order to be successful, Josh says that leadership is one of the most important things. There is a difference between a leader and a boss. A leader works to earn respect and puts other people first when looking to achieve goals. With a boss, they use their title to control others and focus on their own interests. As a result, it is better to be a leader. Verne has also said that you will need to always seek a situation that is win win where both you and someone else get something beneficial.


On the podcast, Josh talked about some other things that are essential to achieving success. Verne said that when interacting with others, it is better to listen to them more than talk. By listening to other people more carefully, your feedback will be more significant and have a more positive impact. It is also important to seek balance in your life as well. While making lots of money is great, you will need to maintain good health and also experience a positive fulfilling life at home. When looking to be successful, Josh believes that it will be very important to pursue something that you are passionate about. With a true passion, you will have more motivation to work and achieve goals more easily.


Verne is the founder and chief executive officer of a marketing company called Flocku. The company provides college students with the opportunity to exchange content such as news, opinions and information about life on campus. The content is made by the students themselves. With this company, Josh has enabled the content marketing partners to reach students online as well as at events that are frequently held. Verne’s company Flocku also connects product brands on the internet and on campus for students looking to purchase specific merchandise.


Over the course of his career, Josh Verne has experienced a considerable amount of success first hand. When he graduated high school in 1995, he began working in the warehouse of his family’s furniture distribution business. For a number of years, he would advance and eventually reach a management position. After managing the business for a while, Josh would found his own company called Workpays LLC. This gave him his first entrepreneurial opportunity to gain experience and build on for future success.

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