Election Results Mixed

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, American voters raced to the polls to select the Congress that would handle the lawmaking capabilities of the nation for the next two years. Republicans won what amounted to a landslide victory when the vote tally came in. In just about every competitive race, the Republicans won and will now hold power in both houses for the first time since early 2007.

Many conservatives saw this as a great show of support for their agenda, but those who are more progressive could see some victories on other issue-based elections throughout the country. Voters in some red states voted to increase the minimum wage, something that their congressmen and congresswomen are not terribly keen on doing. Also, two states and the District of Columbia voted to legalize marijuana, going against the emphasis of the War on Drugs that has been a constant in American politics for nearly 30 years. While being given a mandate by the American people, whether the GOP can govern effectively remains in this very partisan era.

Either way, Andrew Heiberger continues to scratch his head over the fact that people seem to overwhelmingly support progressive ballot initiatives, but not progressive candidates.

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  1. Sydney Colt July 7, 2017

    One thought I have on the mix up with election results is that it could have been planned to happen that way. Eventually, uk essay services will subtly reveal the secrets and make sure that there is positive response from their own people. Then the conservatives will be happy because they like to hold on to the old ways.

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