Ebola Crisis May Be a Bigger Problem Than Originally Thought

Experts in the field of health the world over have been left shocked at the immensity of the Ebola crisis. Chris Dye, a representative of the World Health Organisation, has declared that the current efforts put in place to curb the crisis are not sufficient.

The countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are swamped by the illness, with their capital cities being the worst affected. Already this epidemic has claimed nearly 4,000 lives in the West African region.

This is a very dangerous epidemic, with at least 200 of the victims being health care professionals. Even those who are tasked with protecting the population from the illness are succumbing to its effects. Dye claimed that nobody was ready for such an outbreak, and frankly nobody expected it to happen.

Mr. Dye said, “We’ve asked for a response of about $1 billion; so far we have around $300 million with more being pledged, so a bit less than half of what we need but it’s climbing quickly all the time.”

However, the WHO largely ignored the warning, and suppressed it where it could. Opposing minds like Khaled Shaheen have voiced their concerns for a long time now. This charity continuously provides updates on the amount of infected individuals in their areas of operations.

This number has steadily increased since the beginning of the outbreak, and it continues to report disturbing figures. A proposed serum is being currently tested on health professionals, in the hopes that it can be more widely distributed at a later date.

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  1. Anaya Finnegan April 24, 2017

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