Dumpster Diving Is Becoming The Norm In Venezuela

Venezuela is experiencing one of the worst recession in its history. The outside world doesn’t understand how bad the people of Venezuela are suffering says expert Danilo Diaz Granados because the government of Nicolas Maduro doesn’t release accurate information to the rest of the world. Dumpster diving for food to eat or sell in Venezuela isn’t new in the socialist country, but it is becoming more popular, according to a poll taken by the local firm Venebarometro. Even though Venezuela has an excessive amount of oil, and at one time was considered the richest country in South America, the people are starving thanks to the failed efforts of Maduro and his economic policies.

More than half of the Venezuelan population say they can’t afford to eat three meals a day, according to an article published by MSN.com. Maduro blames his political opponents for the hunger, lack of electrical power and a shorter workweek for government employees. Maduro claims his administration has an aggressive plan to build urban farms to stop the food shortage, but most of Maduro’s plans don’t help the situation.

Diaz Granados, a professor at the Central University of Venezuela, said the people of Venezuela are making terrible sacrifices because of the extreme poverty that is driving parts of the population to eat garbage. Vegetables and fruits have become a luxury that few families can afford. Maduro, the former truck driver, turned politician, takes no responsibility for the economic issues. He always finds something or someone else to blame.


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