Drones Are Going to Become a Regular Part of Life for Americans

The increasing presence of drones is evidence of our quickly advancing technology. In fact, anybody can buy one of these unmanned aircraft and fly it around their neighborhood for fun. But the Justice Department has other uses in mind for these helpful flying machine, and have announced plans to keep increasing the use of aerial drones for surveillance in the United States according to Steve Murray.

Drones have helped officials capture kidnappers, fugitives, drug dealers, and has also helped rescued people from dire circumstances. The government claims they will be very sensitive about not infringing on our constitutional rights as Americans while using drones which are equipped with top of the line surveillance technology such as cameras, retina scanners, and microphones.

For many people, the thought of drones flying around keeping an ever present eye on everything is both comforting and unnerving at the same time. It’s good to know that there might be someone watching if someone becomes a victim of a crime. On the other hand, it is concerning to think about my regular day activities being tracked and monitored by an unmanned aerial drone. The use of drones has also been authorized to kill terror suspects in other countries.

Technology can be used for good and evil, hopefully the ones operating government drones do not take after their cohorts at the NSA. Something which the government is assuring us will not happen.

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