Drawing Inspirations from Marcio Alaor Story

Marcio Alaor is an established business entrepreneur based in Brazil. He has an outstanding record of achievement in the banking sector arising from years of commitment and dedication to his work. Mr. Alaor has been widely credited for making effective analysis of both the watch marketing sector and motor industry. As a child, Alaor worked as a shoe shiner and dreamt of becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. Well, that dream came true and having been nurtured in the San Antonio Center, he was motivated by achievers in the industry to become who he is now.
Even though his family was poor, they loved and supported him. One important figure who believed in Alaor in his early life was Dr. Wilmar who noticed his potential and encouraged him to look beyond Santo Antonio do Monte and conquer the world.
Mr. Alaor’s Contribution at MBG Bank
Alaor is the Vice President of BMG Bank and one of the bank’s top management executives. Being in his position, he plays a crucial part in making decisions for the bank. Through his leadership, he has placed the bank among some of the best achievers in the financial sector. Alaor helped the bank to create a national brand popular for its tradition, technology and focus in predicting market trends. Even though the credit decisions are collectively made through a structured committee that ensures the banks demands are met through efficient, responsible and intelligent ways, Mr. Alaor made sure the bank works with high quality credit portfolios. The success of bank has been triggered largely by his hard work and knowledge in market enterprise.
BMG is a privately owned company managed by the powerful Pentagna Guimaraes family. This is an active family in Brazil’s financial industry from the 1930s. BMG was established as a commercial bank with its major business being in wholesale and consumer financing. From the 90s, it focused majorly on providing payroll loans and is now a world leader in provision of these services. Mr. Alaor has been part of this successful business story.
Education, Philanthropy and Awards
Alaor has a Business Management Degree from Instituto Metadista Benett. He also holds a post graduate in Business Management. In his hometown, Alaor is highly reputed for playing major roles in developing the town. Just recently, he was awarded a square under his name as recognition for his philanthropic works in the community. In a ceremony that was attended by many renowned business people and achievers; Alaor was appreciated for his generous acts of kindness. He was appreciated for never turning a blind eye whenever his help was required. This worthy award was received during the 33rd Annual Agricultural Exhibition in San Antonio.

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