Dr. Chris Villanueva And Building The Culture of Excellence

Excellence drives growth and creates more opportunities for everyone. In his case, Dr. Villanueva uses excellence as the drive to build a dental management firm that answers the needs of dentists and patients alike. With Dr. Villanueva’s drive for growth, he has built a company that prides itself for being progressive and up to date with the standards today. With Dr. Villanueva’s wish to offer a close-knit network for all dentists to work together to learn, adapt, and educate themselves about the craft, he is able to build MB2 Dental Solutions.
The Story Behind
MB2 Solutions is now a leader in dental management, training and affiliation in the six states that it has built connections. There are right now 70 affiliated groups that work together with Dr. Villanueva through MB2 Dental Solutions in providing the best dental programs today. No wonder then that the company has now a workforce of around 533 employees, all of them united in the drive to bring something valuable, powerful and innovative in the world of dental solutions.
MB2 Solutions started from a vision. The vision of Dr. Villanueva is always about excellence. His vision is anchored on the idea that support among the dentists gives the right opportunities for growth. This vision keeps MB2 Solutions to continue generating innovations both in improving the benefits of their patients as well as training the dentists with the technology most likely used in the future.
The Idea Behind The Creation
It was still the desire for excellence that brought out the idea for the creation of MB2 Solutions. When Dr. Villanueva graduated from dental school, there were only two options available for the graduates: to join an enterprise that is centralized, or do private practice. He realized that there can be a way to do both. This is how he saw the need to create a network to link both training and private practice in one.
The Success Story
The drive for excellence always comes the fruit of labor: success. Success to Dr. Villanueva came in the form of being able to adopt for the future without losing the reputation of providing quality service in the present. In the recent report from Entrepreneur Podcast Network, it was shown that the future of dentistry will still be about quality service. Dr. Villanueva is happy that he has always been offering this to dentists, patienst, and the affiliated networks in his business.

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