Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Online Business Success

Don Ressler’s website has attracted millions of people who purchase clothes daily online. Many people don’t know anything about Don Ressler who has been behind the scenes and likes to maintain it that way. He always stays in the background despite contributing his money to several companies. Putting ladies in the roles of power has enabled him to perform very well.


Don Ressler possesses a keen business mind, and this is why he knows that without any doubt women beat men in leading the clothing websites. Only hair stylists such as Vidal Sasson and Chez Dean are the examples of men that made the sale of hair products successfully to women. There exists a different vibe when it comes to the clothing industry. Women receive clothing ideas better from fellow women. They get attracted to websites where other women promote a certain brand to other women. For this reason, Ressler has always preferred to see the success of his business achieved through women leadership on In Fabletics and JustFab business models, this is also the interesting concept behind their success. Adam Goldenberg is Don Ressler’s business partner who also likes to be in the background in these business ventures. The insight that they get from the female leaders helps them in building connections with their clients.


Don Ressler has been smart in conducting his business. A lot of talks have been going around on how social media platforms are transforming the e-commerce world. Kate Hudson who is also the co-founder of the Don Ressler Company called Fabletics has a significant presence on social media. Ressler, therefore, knew how much influence she would have on twitter than he would. Kate Hudson has the reach of several female celebrities something that Russel can in no way match.


Don Ressler put Kimora Lee as the face of JustFab, and this is the same strategy that he has always employed in his businesses. Ressler even by his accounts could never have brought the fan base that Lee managed to attract. This aspect of conducting his businesses using this strategy is what has rendered him such a powerful businessman. Don Ressler has proven that he doesn’t have to take center stage to transform or change the way women shop. He is much more influential and efficient staying in the background. Ressler’s philosophy of focusing on areas where he has lots of experience has served him well in his career.

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