Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Founders of Techstyle Fashion Group

Techstyle Fashion Group is a leading online marketing company. Its creation is based on two different principal ideas been merged together forming a unique enterprise. This involved a rare fusion of technology and fashion. Its success has been based on teamwork from its co founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The two act as the current CO-Chief Executive Officers in redefining online fashion trends all over the world


History of Techstyle Group


Adam Goldenberg as an individual was a genius in the business field. His partner/colleagues Don Ressler was also a mastermind in online website formation and marketing. At a very tender age of 13 years, Adam Goldenberg had made great steps in the business world. He managed to establish his own company named Gamers Alliance. The company enabled him to earn capital and experience in the field of business. As a young entrepreneur, he managed to sell his initial company “Gamers Alliance “to Intermix Media. This was a great move compared to the fact that he was a school drop out with a tender age of 20 years. His intelligence earned him a top position of CEO at Intermix Media.


Twelve years down the line, he came to meet Don Ressler who was also employed by Intermix. Don Ressler had worked in various companies marketing them online. His expertise was evident as he had created a trending website with thousands of users hence going viral. The website was named “”. It offered relevant fitness information to users and provided fitness services

Working together at Intermix Media, the two naturally became good friends. They extended their friendship through sharing great business ideas thus the formation of Techstyle Group. From their in-depth understanding of the market, they made a discovery. There was a great demand for fashionable clothes but numerous clients preferred clothes that addressed their specific personal needs. The duo created JustFab Company, an online fashion wear enterprise that responded to the market demands on a monthly basis


JustFab Funding History


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg invested their capital in funding JustFab. They formed a common capital pool that enabled the business to grow in popularity. With increased demand for their products, they were joined by a group of investors named Matrix Partners. The group was also involved in massive investment in the improved beauty products and accessories sector. The funding greatly contributed to Goldenberg and Ressler success and in 2016 where JustFab was renamed Techstyle. The name was greatly attributed to the unique and creative collaboration between Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, a product of fashion and technological investments.

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