Dolphin Injuries Woman

On July 1, news outlets in the United States reported a strange story that sounded almost like a new episode of the TV series Zoo:

A Southern California woman was seriously injured on June 21st after a dolphin jumped into a boat where she and her family — her husband and two children — were watching the dolphin’s pod.

Both of Chrissie Frickman’s ankles were broken during the event. The 350-pound dolphin was not maliciously trying to hurt the woman though as animals were seen this week in the Zoo series. Instead, Dirk Frickman, her husband, reported that it looked like the dolphin miscalculated the distance with a jump/flip. Local police think it might have been scared of something in the water.

The female dolphin was also injured with long cuts and bleeding. Frickman kept it hydrated until he could move it back into the water. Using a rope, he and a volunteer were able to release the dolphin. She then swam away.

Many people who take boats out into the open water fail to gauge correctly the risks of boating around marine life says Brian Torchin. Whales and sharks aren’t the only animals that can cause harm because of their size. Additionally, some animals, like sea lions, purposely jump into boats. Dolphins, as the Frickman’s learned, can also cause bodily harm. It’s wise to observe them at a distance whenever possible.

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