Doe Deere Fashion Statement Attracts the Attention of Richard Prince

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the controversial cosmetic company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Recently, Deere’s red velvet lips, blue hair and beautiful eyes caught the attention of Richard Prince, the president of Gagosian Gallery.

Richard Prince is a popular artist in the industry, and he loved the make-up used by Deere. Ms. Deere posted one of her images in her Instagram account. In the picture, she was matching herself with a doll that was custom made. The doll had luminous skin, and it was dressed in some of the Lime Crime colors. Richard Prince liked this image, and he took a screen shot of it.

Deere had posted the image on her Instagram page to give exposure to her friend who makes dolls, Joshua David. However, the sixty six year old artist decided to tweak the text, and he also deleted the name of the doll’s designer. He made a large print of the image.

During the Frieze Art Fair held in New York City, the print made by Prince managed to sell at ninety thousand dollars. The sale was not as expensive as selling a Barbie doll, but it was enough to put its creator in the limelight.

Joshua Antony is thirty five years old, and just like Deere, he has blue hair. He specializes in making dolls, and he is based in Brooklyn. He has several followers, including Grace Jones. He has been doing this for more than three years now. This is his way of expressing art after being successful as a famous fashion illustrator.

Doe Deere has made her name in the beauty industry in the recent times. Her products are being sold everywhere in the world. She is extremely talented in in make- up issues, and she can easily play around with colors and shades.

The beauty queen was born in Russia. However, her parent relocated to the New York City, and this is where she was raised. After completing her education, she decided to start Lime Crime Cosmetics. The company has done extremely well over the years. The company’s mission is to prove to the world that make up can be used to do more than just cover the imperfections people have.

She encourages women to break some of the famous fashion rules. According to her, women can look good in colorful and cruelty free cosmetics. She has even gone ahead to prove that it is possible to look beautiful, even when some of the fashion rules are broken.
Doe Deere argues women to wear and mix different colors. According to her, these colors make a huge difference in a woman’s look, unlike many people who believe that many colors make a woman look scary. As long as the colors are well coordinated, an individual will definitely look good.


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