Do You Think You Know Your Smartphone? 10 Fun Facts Say You Don’t.

Cell phones are everywhere, and most people don’t think twice about them. They always have theirs, and when they find that don’t have it, they go back and get it. But do you really know your friend, the cell. Here are 10 fun facts that you might not have known brought to you by Zeca Oliveira.

1. The cell phone got its name because they used towers to carry the signal into certain areas, and they called them cellular.
2. The Smartphone you carry is incredibly more powerful than the rocket NASA used for Apollo 11.
3. Sixty-six percent of all cell phone users suffer from “nomophobia,” which means they forgot their cell and can’t get to it or they can’t get reception.
4. Probably the same 65 percent of users sleep with their Smartphones right next to them.
5. Yech! Your Smartphone has 10 times more bacteria on it than on a toilet seat. In fact, it carries your biological DNA.
6. No matter what the date and time say, ninety percent of texts are read in three minutes.
7. The country with the most active cell phones in China with 1.2 Billion; India comes in second with 904 million.
8. More people own mobile phones than toothbrushes. Huh!
9. On March 23, 1984, the first hand-held cell phone was sold for just under $4,000.
10. The average cell phone/Smartphone user checks their phones 221 times a day.

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