Do You Find Yourself Needing A Loan?

When the economy slows down because of international problems or natural disasters, a small business person might need to get a loan in order to see them over the rough spots. If you own equities, you can get a loan using your stocks as collateral for a loan. More Information.

If you see your banker, he will tell you that they will lend on your equities, provided they are not on a ‘forbidden’ list. The government controls which equities they can use as collateral. They will also tell you that the most they will lend against is 40% of the present value of the equities. That is not much of a loan. Then, they will let you know that you must present them with a loan proposal, describing in detail what will be done with the proceeds of the loan. That will take some time. Then, they will hit you with an interest rate that is very, very high. And to make it worse, the funding will not be immediate. There is a waiting period.

It would simply be better to sell your equities, right? Not so fast…

There is always Equities First AU. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the stocks, twice what the others offer. They do not need to see a business proposal from you. They feel that it is your business what you do with the loan proceeds. They can lend against any equities you have, because they are not a bank or financial institution, and are not subject to the regulations that prohibit the banks from lending. Their interest rate is lower than any out there. And, to top it all off, the funding will be immediate. Aren’t you glad you thought of Equities First? for more.


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