Diversant, LLC: Who is John Goullet?

In a competitive world, there are but two forces – the force of despair and the force of perseverance. Despair is just what it is, a loss. Perseverance on the other hand is a lot more – victory, innovation, growth and satisfaction. John Goullet encompasses the spirit of perseverance, both as a human being and as a businessman.

Mr John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies Inc and serves as the chairman and principal of Diversant LLC. He has been in the Information Technology business for a long time and has used his experience to cut a niche for himself in the ever expanding market.

Mr Goullet is a hardworking man. While talking to Ideamensch, it clearly comes out that he puts a lot of effort and dedication into his work. When he is asked about how he brings ideas into life, he says that he reads and pays keen attention to the various IT markets around the world. So far, he says,there is a shortage of professional IT skills in the market and he uses such data to provide consultancy services for clients and provide professionals with job opportunities. He is also keen on developing talent wherever he goes.

What Motivates Him?

What keeps his engines oiled is the idea that their competition is at their heel. Mr Goullet is, however, not afraid of competition. He says there is a lot to be learnt from competitors – things to be emulated and things to be avoided. As a team leader, he is a great believer in team spirit. He intends to hire more people and the right people. He is very aware of the plague of bad influences that can imported from outside by new senior executives. He identifies with the need of a business and indeed any organization to have its own internal values that guide their interactions in the office and with the public.

John Goullet is a true role model to young enterprising people who want to start out and even those that are already in the industry. A good investment and hard work indeed do pay.


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