Dedicated to Excellence in Finance & Philanthropy: A Look at Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella has more than 30 years of business expertise in financial services, utilizing strategic operations and leadership, developing organizations, managing assets, and engaging in large-scale operation management. Stephen was selected in 2015 to be the new Chairman of the Board for LIFT, assuming the position previously held by veteran businessman Michael Gilligan. LIFT works with low-income families, connecting them to much needed resources, in order to address the U.S. Poverty cycle and seeks to uplift vulnerable populations in the nation.


Stephen J. Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC. and the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Managemenet, LLC. This firm offers insured cash solutions for investors and many recognized financial institutions. This investment adviser is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. Rotella is directly responsible for the day to day management of StoneCastle, and during his time as President, he has been vital to building the company’s cash management products and services. As a leader at StoneCastle Cash Management LLC., Stephen has helped the company become an industry leader in its solutions for banks and financial institutions.


Mr. Rotella spent 18 years at JP Morgan Chase, prior to his positions at StoneCastle. Stephen received both his bachelors degree in Economics and MBA in Information Systems and Finance from the State University of New York. Stephen J. Rotella lives in New York City. A member of various boards of philanthropic organizations, Steve has continued throughout his career, to actively engage himself in community organizations that aid those in need, support the arts, and encourage home ownership.

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