Dan Newlin, From Police Officer To Super Law Firm Lawyer

Making the Change From Law Enforcement to Litigation

Before Dan Newlin decided to become a personal injury lawyer, he had served honorably in several law enforcement agencies across the country. Mr. Newlin began his career in law enforcement at the age of twenty in the town of New Chicago, Indiana. In New Chicago, Dan served in the police department and also volunteered as a fire fighter. After several years with the New Chicago Police Department in Indiana, Mr. Newlin moved south to work for the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Florida. He quickly rose through the ranks at the sheriff’s department and was promoted to a detective position in the Orange County’s Sheriff’s department.

It was as a detective in Florida that Dan Newlin began to make a name for himself. He was involved in numerous narcotics busts and investigated car robberies. Mr. Newlin’s most notable work as a law enforcement officer was when he was assigned as a fugitive detective. He is credited with helping to put hundreds of dangerous criminals behind bars as a fugitive detective. Dan Newlin was passionate about his work as a law enforcement agent, and was honored by the US Marshall’s office for his outstanding work in law enforcement.

After working as a police officer, county detective and fugitive detective Mr. Newlin decided to pursue a different kind of career that involved the law. He graduated from Florida State College of Law in Tallahassee in 2000 and decided to pursue personal injury law. Dan Newlin’s passion for seeing that justice was served continues as a personal injury lawyer that stands up for people who were injured in car accidents, medical malpractice, negligence and injury in the workplace.

Dan Newlin’s Commitment to Getting Justice for His Clients

Dan Newlin and his associates at the law offices of Dan Newlin & Partners are fully committed to seeing their clients get the compensation they deserve and that justice is served. Dan Newlin’s law firm is considered a super law firm for their outstanding work and dedication to their clients. This is a prestigious title that is only given to a select few law firms in the entire country.

Mr. Newlin’s law firm is not afraid to tackle insurance companies who refuse to pay compensation to victims. This year Dan Newlin & Partners won a major settlement against a Jacksonville, Florida based insurance company that refused to pay an injured man and his wife compensation for an accident caused by a reckless driver covered under their policy. After 15 months the firm finally got a $950,000 settlement from Mainstreet America Group who refused to offer any kind of compensation to their client who suffered brain, back and neck injuries and is now crippled for the rest of his life.

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