Dallas Nurse Who Survived Ebola Is Suing Her Employer

With the way our tort system works in America, allowing people to sue over everything and anything, it was bound to happen. Now, Flavio Maluf says that Nina Pham, who continues to receive a paycheck from the Dallas hospital she worked at as a nurse even though she has not returned to her duties since contracting and overcoming the Ebola virus, is suing her employer. Citing that the facility she worked at neglected to provide a safe working environment during the time Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., was being cared for at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

While under no pressure to do so, Pham and other hospital employees saw to the needs of Duncan while he suffered from the deadly virus, as the duties of their professions call for. Having to mop floors with bleach and dealing with hazardous waste, Pham said “It was very physically and emotionally draining.” She also expressed her displeasure with the fact that judgments on how to keep themselves safe from the virus while treating the patient were left up to the doctors and nurses stating, “The only thing I knew about Ebola, I learned in nursing school.” Well, it’s a darn good thing all the doctors and nurses were required to go to school in order to work in the health care field, don’t you think?

The reason Pham says she is suing the hospital, is to illustrate that those working for big corporations cannot be neglected. She also feels that the hospital is not adequately taking care of her and believed “that they would have my back.” She’s still receiving pay from her employer without having returned to work, and $27,000 was spent on caring for her dog, yes her dog, while she was receiving treatment. Now, she wants more. She wants it all and a free ride on top of it. Ridiculous!

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