Dallas Based North American Spine Headed West

According to an outline article on PRNewswire.com, Dr. Satish Sharma has become a partner physician in North American Spine’s Los Vegas practice. The advanced AccuraScope procedure is an exclusively provided by North American Spine, says the article. Patients who go to the Red Rock Surgery Center will be treated by Dr. Sharma. He will also see patients at the Advanced Pain Management Center for consultations and post-operative appoints.

Both the Anesthesiology and Pain Management and the American Board of Anesthesiology have certified Dr. Sharma, states the article. Most of the patients who come to the North American Spine clinic have experience various disorders and back injuries. Dr. Sharma will be offering individualized care plans to manage chronic pain.

As a student, Dr. Sharma attended college, medical school, and his post-doctorate training in his native Rajasthan, India, explains the article. He immigrated to the United States and worked for Western Pennsylvannia Hospital in Pittsburg for his internship and residency. The Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania offered him a fellowship in pain management, which he completed. During the past several years as an attending anesthesiologist, Dr. Sharma has also been a pain management physician. Before coming to North American Spine, he worked almost ten years for the Advanced Pain Management Center, says the article.

The article also quoted Adam Arnette, North American Spine’s Chief Marketing Officer. Arnette voiced his admiration of Dr. Sharma’s years of experience and skills as a pain management physician. Arnette was further quoted that the company believed that their team of pain specialists would benefit from the addition of Dr. Sharms’s expertise. Dr. Sharma said that the clinic aspires help people better their lives through pain management.

The services of North American Spine were also highlighted in the article. They specialize in a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure call the AccuraScope Procedure. To date, the clinic has performed over 8,000 of these procedures that usually last less than an hour. Of these surgeries, over 80% have been successful and have saved patients money by reducing how many times they would need to go to the doctor, says the company Facebook.

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