Dallas Bank is Great for People that Need a New Bank

Whenever I look for a new bank I always take a look at what the bank is offering. There are some things about Nexbank that are common to just about every other bank that is out there. Nexbank, like most banks, offers free e-checking and debit cards to customers. I liked this, but it wasn’t the thing that would make me stop and take a look at Nexbank.

The thing that truly made me consider what Nexbank could do what the amount of interest that was being offered by this company for certificates of deposit. That is what got my attention. There was information on how the 12, 18 and 24 month CDs where increasing. This was quite a interesting thing when so many banks have been stagnant with the certificate of deposit rates. I looked at this as a sign that Nexbank was looking for growth.

The next thing that I did was check out the mortgage rates. I got with a loan officer at the local Nexbank branch at one of the Dallas locations and inquired about refinancing. She stated that there were some competitive rates so I filled out an application. I discovered that this bank could help me lower my payments by more than $200 a month. From that point I was sold on Nexbank.

I would really recommend Nexbank for anyone that is serious about trying to save money. I don’t have a ton of money left when I do my budget, but Nexbank is helping me make better use of the money I do have. There is even a checking account through Nexbank called Platinum Checking that provides customers with interest on their checking accounts. Most banks have terribly lower interest rate than checking accounts, but Nexbank has one of the best rates.

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