Copa Star Hospital Opens its Doors in Rio de Janeiro

After approximately three years under construction, the Copa Star Hospital was officially opened in October 2016 at Rio de Janeiro. It is located to the south of Rio, specifically on the Figueiredo Magalhaes and Copacabana streets. The new Copa Star Hospital offers a fresh standard in the hospital segment to the community. The new hospital boasts of star qualified comfort, service, sophisticated technology and luxury. The hospital’s architectural design resembles a five-star hotel but it forms part of the concept undertaken by Rede D’Or Sao Luiz when implementing its ventures.

Features of Copa Star Hospital

Hospital Copa Star measures 21,000 square metres and has seven floors. The hospital boasts of a technological refinement and innovation. It also features a Smart Hospitality system that allows patients to experience an autonomy level they cannot experience in the other hospitals. Inpatients have the chance to communicate with their doctors or relay their requests to the nurses courtesy of iPads availed to them. Technology has been utilized to automate certain bed features at Copa Star. Hospital Copa Star has invested in an exclusive application that enables interns to alter the lighting condition in a room, open/close curtains as well as access exams together with the doctors.

Cost of Investment

Copa Star Hospital investment was started in 2013 and it is estimated to have cost more than R $ 400 million. Jorge Moll, a cardiologist, founder and the current president of Rede D’ Or Sao Luiz, stated that this venture was meant to provide an alternative to the Cariocas on Cariocas is the reason that Rio/Sao Paulo got service. The hospital according to Jorge Moll combines qualified care as well as highly complex surgeries that necessitated patients in the past to be flown to Sao Paulo in Albert Einstein or Sirio Libanes.

Hospital Copa Star seeks to reconcile professionals with hotel-like accommodations. The Copa Star has gone a notch higher and created a serene environment to promote recovery by marrying technology with human acceptance and comfort. The hospital aims at offering exclusive and personalized services to its clients. In addition to the numerous innovations the Hospital Copa Star has introduced, it features an exclusive area that allows the free flow of health professionals and stretchers. The building corridors feature a welcoming and sober air courtesy of the 231 kinetic works and internal aromatization project by Yutaka Toyota, a Japanese painter.


Hospital Copa Star team was taken through training for about two months using a number of simulations and tests. A number of emergency situations that may arise were interpreted to enable a more-detailed planning on The team comprises of over 550 employees, 113 of whom are doctors. The staffs were trained on the best approaches to make when dealing with patients and the type of makeup and clothes to wear.

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