Coming Out of the Dark

A woman from Tennessee was in a car accident when she was 20. She has been in a coma ever since then. The doctors caring for her didn’t think that she would pull out of the coma. When someone is in this condition, there is no guarantee that the person will even be normal if they do wake up at some point. Before the accident, the young woman had found out that she was pregnant. While she was in the coma, doctors were able to deliver her baby.

Through a miracle, this young lady finally woke up, learning that she is a new mom. The whole thing is a bit weird to Ricardo Tosto. This is by far something that her family will never forget. The baby of the young woman weighed less than two pounds when he was born, and although he is in intensive care, there is a chance that he will come through as he is now a little over six pounds. The power of prayer and determination is something that shows to work as in this incident of a family gathering to keep their daughter and loved one alive.

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